Brian Wilson
Principal Engineer
One of our best clients Brian wants to share his experience with us:
"Jon and Indeara, I'm very excited for this new and rapidly-evolving part of my journey. With your coaching, my career has excelled and our company has achieved the fastest fiber optic network in the world. "
Lou Manfredini
Executive VP
One of our most successful clients Lou wants to share his experience with us:
"I was able to do 19 million in sales after working with Indeara in the Soul Mastery for Success Private 1 on 1, and my business and personal life changed for the better."
Mind Power for Success

The Ultimate Program for a Mindset Shift:
8 Steps to Transform your life forever

How to get success, financial freedom,
peace of mind & a healthy, wealthy lifestyle.

Presented by: Indeara Eastman, CEO
Time To Push The "On" Button For Automated Income for Your 
Billionaire Mindset
Indeara Eastman, Co-founder of Soul Mastery for Success and Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle. She is an international bestselling author, speaker, philanthropist, and humanitarian.

Indeara and her team are leading experts in the world for executive, leadership, business coaching and consulting. She is one of the top leaders in the world for business advisory services.

Indeara loves to work with heart and soul-centered entrepreneurs, who would like to make our world a better place. Her passion is to inspire leaders to express their inner voice, and share their message, so that they can make a big impact in the world for social and charitable causes.

After having tremendous success in the financial industry, she became a founder of multiple businesses. She now builds passive revenue streams of income for her clients through a highly-leveraged 7 Figure+ Online Platform

She is passionate about creating million-dollar brands and loves to promote her clients with the Soul Mastery for Success Mastermind: Business Consulting and Mindset Coaching, Marketing, Sales and Financial and Advisory Services for Retirement Planning.

She loves to identify the ideal target audience and customers for her clients, so that business is fun and amazing to help them create a Meaningful Wealthy Lifestyle.

If you are asking yourself, "is there something more to life?” the answer is yes! She can help you to find fulfillment and more freedom with your time and money. The question then becomes, “can you have it all, success on the inside and on the outside?” Yes you can!

She has generated over $100 million in revenue for her clients. She has a background with over twenty years of professional services and accounting experience with firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She provides business and inner transformation advice to Fortune 500 companies with billions in revenue as well as stay-at-home Mom’s.

Platinum private clients is limited, acceptance is by application only. To reserve your spot, please sign up for an initial consultation, and fill out the application below, by clicking on "Get Instant Access".

In the Soul Mastery for Success Gold Mastermind
We Will Cover The Top 8 Strategies
For a Billionaire Mindset:
World Renowned Speakers
Bob Circosta
Founder, Home Shopping Network
"The Billion Dollar Man" Bob Circosta is TV's ORIGINAL Home Shopping host and helped create the multi-billion dollar TV home shopping industry.

Adam Markel
Founder of New Peaks
Adam Markel is a transformational teacher who inspires, empowers and guides people to live authentically, purposefully and powerfully from their hearts.
Bob Proctor
New York Times Best Selling book You Were Born Rich.
World renowned speaker, teacher and expert on the mind, human potential and success.

Benefits of Soul Mastery For Success 
$Million Gold Mastermind:
  • We help you to grow your business income with a 10x mentality
  • You can live a life where you can travel and do what you love without your business holding you back
  • This amazing million-dollar platform will be created with your unique personality and brand image.
  • We will help you to focus with clarity so you can share your soul's inner calling and make an impact in the world.
  • We will help you to build a 7-Figure Business Model that you absolutely love and attract customers that become raving fans.
  • We will help you to leverage your time with an automated online business system for recurring revenue.
Gregg Linhoff
Executive Developer
"I was struggling entrepreneur, and when I worked with the Soul Mastery for Success team, I experienced tremendous success. I landed deals for $100 million to build a most beautiful Spa Resort & Winery in San Diego, CA, for people to relax."

Lenore Gallucci
Professor, University of San Diego
"I lost weight, and changed to a healthier lifestyle with the Soul Mastery for Success Mastermind. And, it was a miracle. I got pregnant when I could not, and was trying for years. My career took of, I am now the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl."

Rick Schadt
Executive, Fortune 500 Company
"Jon and Indeara have skillfully and energetically guided me to let go of this straight line, logical, step by step mindset, and allow Spirit to enter my consciousness to provide higher vibrational thoughts, goals and actions. And as a result, extraordinary results have been showing up in my life."
  • Mind Power for Success 8 Weeks Online Course for Your Transformation:
  • The ultimate program for a mindset shift on how to unblock your limiting beliefs, for freedom with time and money through releasing limiting beliefs and blocks from the inner self:
  • Step 1: Reputation: Integrity with our-self.
  • Step 2: Love and Personal Relationships: Being receptive and open hearted.
  • Step 3: Inner Child, Children and Creativity: How to stay joyful in a stressful environment?
  • Step 4: Travel Vacations and Supportive Community: How to go with the flow in life for synchronicity?
  • Step 5: Career: How to be at the top of your game.
  • Step 6: Growth in Intelligence Knowledge Learning and Education: Being still in the midst of the storms and challenges that life brings.
  • Step 7: Health and Family: How to remain unshaken in your foundations for stability with your family?
  • Step 8: Wealth, Success and Prosperity: How you can have an amazing quality of life?
  • Business Mastery for Success
  • Master your business skills that makes the economy function globally and is at the heart of every decision
  • Marketing Mastery for Success
  • Discover the most powerful way to promote your message and attract the best customers

  • Sales Mastery for Success 
  • Master the number one skill to create unlimited income possibility with the ultimate level of persuasion
  • Retirement on Demand
  • Learn advanced money management and investment strategies to create freedom with your time and money be able to retire financially whenever you wish.

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